Tripkicks Introduces Additional Compliance Controls

July 15, 2019

Enterprise platform that rewards business travelers for going above and beyond introduces functionality to further encourage travel program compliance.

Tripkicks, an enterprise technology platform that rewards business travelers for making better travel decisions, announces new functionality to increase compliance with corporate travel & expense programs. 

In addition to rewarding employees who make more cost conscious travel decisions, companies can now select from a variety of compliance levers, to achieve other ideal traveler behaviors. 

“While Tripkicks itself is a new technology, our team has deep roots in the industry and understands that as important as hard-dollar cost savings are, it’s not the only priority,” says Tripkicks CEO, Jeff Berk.  “Travel program leaders work incredibly hard to design efficient processes and robust programs that make sense for both the traveler and organization – but communication and awareness of them is always a challenge.  We offer organizations the ability to use rewards as a catalyst for better compliance. Organizations will always need ‘the stick’ but with the massive demographic shift that we’re seeing, if you’re a business unit who is not also leveraging some type of ‘carrot’ you’re at risk of falling behind. “

Companies can select from a variety of controls including advance booking time, timeliness of expense report submission, usage of the preferred payment method, and source of the booking reservation, to determine how those factors will influence the potential reward.  For example, companies can configure the platform so that the traveler can receive less of a reward (even 0) if they booked last minute, or failed to use their corporate card.  

“Imagine a program where employees make more cost-conscious decisions, and consistently follow all of the rules,” states Berk. “That is what we are helping companies achieve.”

About Tripkicks

Tripkicks is an enterprise technology company that rewards business travelers for making cost conscious and policy compliant travel decisions.  When business travelers spend under their trip budget, they keep a portion of the savings.  Companies can greatly reduce employee travel and expenses budgets by using a traveler-centric platform, where cost savings are driven by employee flexibility and empowerment.  Tripkicks works to enhance the traveler experience – making business travel rewarding. Learn more at

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