introducing tripkicks

An innovative benefit that rewards travelers when they make more cost-conscious and policy compliant decisions.

Tripkicks is a simple add-on designed for managed travel programs that's built with the latest technologies and works alongside travel management companies and online booking tools to reduce travel spend, improve policy compliance, and enhance traveler satisfaction – bringing about big results to companies, travel managers, and business travelers.

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Reduce Travel Costs

Companies are challenged with managing the increasing costs of business travel in a way that maintains a positive experience for their travelers. Tripkicks enables organizations to significantly reduce travel spend by encouraging their travelers to make better, more cost-conscious decisions. Travelers book their trips the same way they do today, and are presented with a budget that appears directly in their online booking tool. Tripkicks empowers travelers to beat their budget by leveraging various savings tactics. When travelers make less expensive booking decisions, the company saves money and the traveler shares in that savings.


Improve Policy Compliance

Travel managers and companies work hard to develop guidelines and policies that help them achieve the goals of their travel program and the travelers they support. Tripkicks improves compliance to travel policies by encouraging the correct behavior of travelers. In order for travelers to receive their rewards, they need to be in compliance with the requirements setup in the program. Whether it be using the correct booking tool, following advanced booking requirements, paying with preferred payment methods, or submitting expense reports on time - Tripkicks helps to support the specific behaviors necessary for travelers to receive their rewards.

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Enhance Traveler Satisfaction

Focusing on the experience and satisfaction of employees that travel for business is a priority for many organizations. As companies compete for top-talent and improve their Employee Experience, Tripkicks helps by providing a new benefit to employees who go above and beyond when traveling for business. Travelers are able to earn meaningful rewards when they save the company money, and companies can choose which rewards they want to allow. Tripkicks works to create reward programs that align with company priorities and enhance traveler satisfaction.

Learn more about the innovation that Tripkicks is bringing to business travel and discover how your company can reduce travel costs, improve policy compliance, and enhance traveler satisfaction. 

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